Flure de Thaïlande

Au Festival "Les ESCALES" de Saint-Nazaire en Août 2006.

We started out as teenagers clinging on to the last breath of the Grunge generation. music for us was a resolve from the pressures that vapor around us. Grunge at the time seemed to speak to us fluently about these issues. it all started with teddy and earth wanted to form a band and rock with teddy on bass and earth on drums. but then teddy and earth found that they would always be left alone without other members of the band. so they set out to find other crazy souls. they then came accross wi. sadly that was it for them at the time. out of 2000 kids only 4 were crazy.

Then came time of seperation where teddy had to go off to international school. so the 3 of them disconnected for 3 years. one day teddy called earth up and said ” come on bitch time to rock ” and recruited another crazy soul called aon(also from the 2000 kids pool). they then started there jaunt through there creative streams to write music. then later couldn’t stand teddy’s singing so they decided to recruit a non grunge operatic singer Q.

Q came on to the band as a man of few words. but now as everyone knows q has morphed himself to become a completely different person. so that’s how roughly flure was started..